A. Stand up straight, long & tall. Head lifted towards the sky. Feel a long line from the top of your head down along the back of your neck, crossing in between your shoulderblades. Along the back of your ribcage, towards lower back, sacrum and hips. Wrapping down along the back of your legs keep soft knees and lower heels down. Sink into the earth while your head is lifting up. Feel the opposite directions connecting in your lower stomach - pull your navel into your spine, soft ribs, shouldeers are wide. Reach with your hands towards the ground.

B. Jump into position illustrated. Feet are parallel. Hands reaching away from each other, long neck, lift head.

C. Jump into position illustrated. Shoulderblades stay 'low' and connected. Lift to the front of your feet, hold position, slightly bend the knees and jump into pose two, pose one - repeat ten sets.