A. Take position illustrated. Push heels into the ground. Reach & lift the top of the head towards the sky. Arms are reaching towards the floor. Shoulder-blades together, shoulders are broad and reaching away from each other. Open the chest. Keep lifting the head towards the ceiling with a long & relaxed neck. Ribs are closed, flanks expanding. Pull stomach muscles in towards the spine, Tighten the tummy. Breath normally, extending flanks when breathing in, lower ribs down when breathing out. Move to image B.

B. Lift one arm up towards the ceiling, reach tall, the opposite arm points down. Keep the heels firmly pushed into the floor. Proceed to image C.

C. Lift up & reach over, keep the lifted arm glued to the ear. Keep stomach pulling in, reach even more, lengthen the muscles of your flanks and side. Keep the stomach pulled in and the hips as straight as possible. For an extra stretch raise the heels up, stand on the tip of the toes, then lower heels back down into the ground while lifting & reaching even more. Slowly come to position in image |B|, then alternate the arms - slide your lifted arm down alongside your body while the other arm goes up. Repeat exercise 3-5 sets (both sides is a set)