Sway Bounce 

A. Take position illustrated. Heels are firmly rooted in the ground. Soft knees, long and tall back. Lift head high. Breath in and bring arms forward - reach away with long fingers while pulling shoulder-blades together. Move to image B.

B. Bend the knees a little, Slowly & gently sway arms to the back while breathing out, reach away with the fingers. Keep the heels into the floor. Feel the weight of the arms they help to create a light 'Bounce'. Move to image C.

C. After arms sway to their maximal, convenient position, pull in the stomach, lift up from the inner thighs, slightly lift & stretch out of the knees, "bounce" from the knees and bring the arms forward. Keep swaying back and forth between image C and B and A. Repeat 10-20 times. Controlled breath in when arms go to the front and breath out when arms sway to the back. Vary rhythm & tempo to liking.