Push hands, Lift feet 

A. Sit with a straight back, feel even weight on both sit-bones. Stomach is engaged and pulling in. Pull ribs in, Chest-bone to the front. Shoulders are wide. Shoulder blades pulled down & connected. Long neck, Head tall. Pull stomach in even more, so much so that you can easily lift the right leg up. Keep your left heel onto the ground. Push right fist into palm of left hand. Breath in - hold for five counts then slowly breath out, lower foot down and release the pressure of the pushing hand..

B. Alternate legs and repeat the exercise as mentioned above. Keep a long spine. Neck is relaxed. Smiling face. Broad shoulders. Engaged flanks - expand when breathing in. Ribs together, close the back of the ribcage when exhaling all the air of the lungs. alternate legs and repeat 3 - 5 sets. To end go to image C.

C. For maximum strenght building. Pull your navel so much in and upwards that it will help to lift both your feet of the floor. While lifting the legs from your stomach, press fists together. Pull your armpits to your waist. Breath in in five counts - Push hands, Lift feet - hold the breath for five counts then slowly in five counts, release the breath, lower feet and pressure of fists.