Heel Lift 

A. Take position illustrated. Even weight on both sit-bones, long back, right foot is on the ground while the left heel gently lifts up. Use the hands like a puppeteer would lift a string attached to the knee, in order to make the leg move up & down. Alternate the legs, see image B.

B. Slowly & gently keep alternating between lifting the right and then the left heel. All the time keep the stomach pulled in. When lifting the leg feel the lower stomach muscles engaging. Alternate into image A - repeat for 3-6 sets then proceed to image C.

C. For an extra lift in the stomach, sit with a straight back, pull the navel towards the spine and up - Scoop. Lift both heels of the floor while breathing in. Hold breath and heels + stomach for five counts and breath out & lower heels down in five counts. Repeat 3-5 times