100 Dreds 

A. Lay down with a flat back. Head is relaxed, both shoulders on the ground, shoulder-blades are together, Connect & close ribs in front. Pull stomach in - navel towards your spine. Bend the arms. Lift the knees up - pull slightly towards the chest - Feel the length in your spine from the back of the head till the end of the tailbone. Stay anchored in the ground. Breath comfortably into the flanks. Proceed to image B.

B. Pull the stomach in, engage lower tomach muscles. Stretch legs up & out. Reach away with the arms. Crunch or pull in from right under the ribcage. Lift shoulders as if you were to give someone a kiss. Breath in for five counts and breath out for five counts. Repeat then continue to image C.

C. Pull the navel even more in, keep a soft neck. Tip of the shoulder-blades are touching the ground. With long reaching arms & palms down, start pumping the arms simultaneously up & down. Keep an even movement with a small range of motion, keep moving the arms while you breath in for five counts and out for five counts. Repeat max 10 sets of 10. When completed, hold still in position 'C' and slowly roll back. Head down, arms down, knees into chest or down to the floor.