Single Leg Stretch 

A. Take position illustrated. Pull the right knee towards the right ear by pulling with the arms - right hand close to richt ankle, left hand right knee, elbows are wide. Lift up from behind the shoulder-blades - lengthen the left leg out - stretch away feel the space at the front of the left hip. To alternate move into image B.

B. Keep lifting the shoulders of the floor, keep a soft neck, stretch the right leg out while pulling the left knee towards the chest. Alternate into image A - repeat for 3-6 sets then proceed to image C.

C. With both hands on knees pull the knees towards the chest, lengthen the lower back - bring the tailbone to the floor. Hold for 10 counts then slowly roll down the head to a flat position, bring the feet to the floor and slide the legs out until the complete length of the body is reached.