Roll Up 

A. Gently lay down with a flat back. Reach the crown of the head away from the shoulders. Feel a long spine and a relaxed neck. Slowly lift arms towards the ceiling while breathing in. Stomach pulls in. ribcage is soft. Lengthen legs, heels are reaching away from the hips. Breath relaxed in in five counts and out in five counts. repeat 3-5 times then proceed to image B.

B. Keep the arms shoulder width and shoulder hight. Reach with hands and arms to the front while breathing out. Pull navel towards the spine and lift up from between the shoulder blades. Reach out & up like getting ready to give a kiss. Roll up with a round back all the way to sitting position preferably with long, straight legs, reach heels away, toes pointing upwards. Continue to image C.

C. Slowly reach further front. Long hands & arms. Shoulder-blades stay connected. Pull navel in even more while reaching. Breath all the air out then pull your navel in and start rolling back, vertebrae by vertebrae, step by step. Massage the back, articulate the spine. Slowly roll back, resist like someone is pulling your hands in the opposite direction. Continue to image B and A. Take two seconds of rest in between sets and repeat 3 - 6 times. Lay Flat - Breath in, Roll up - Breath out, Roll back to flat - Breath in.